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In the Presence of a King
by Angela Webster-Smith, Ph.D.

Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee in the 1960s, the author, through the lenses of a seven-year-old, caught a glimpse of one of the greatest campaigns in American history, the Civil Rights Movement.

Her grandfather, Pa-pa, was a sanitation worker in Memphis, Tennessee and therefore active in the American Civil Rights Movement.  Even though her life was absent academic or economic legacy, she wanted to be special. While she knew she was different, she did not believe she was special. What is more, she wanted to be pretty, shiny, and sparkly. But there was nothing sparkly about her life. The only sparkles she ever knew about were found in fairy tales. So she decided when she grew up, she would become a princess, like Cinderella!  They shared similarities after all. Their families were without much money and their children had lots of chores. If Cinderella could become a princess, perhaps she could too, or at least she could have some time in the presence of a king!

Through a labyrinth of events in the river city, this little girl would have one evening in the presence a King - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that is.

While In the Presence of a King tells the historical account of a watershed moment in history, its highest intention is to help children understand the ways they are special, to identify their various intelligences, to curtail hopelessness, and to connect their intelligences with the schooling process.
Parents and educators, with In the Presence of a King, you have rich opportunities to guide children through the understandings of the Civil Rights Movement by offering as much or as little explanation as they are developmentally ready to discuss. You can also help identify children’s talents, gifts, and abilities. What is more, you can help children to connect their geniuses to their dreams, to their life’s purposes, and to helping others.
Another great feature of this book is that it there are many life lessons and values to be examined and discussed with children that include but are not limited to:

In the Presence of a King is more than a personal account of historical events. Parents, educators, and children are able to become involved in the story. The book is just shy of 70 pages. Roughly 40% of the pages are illustrations. The author’s daughter, Jerica Webster Mitchell, is the illustrator. The illustrations present uniquely colorful and tropical-like artistry as they also inspire curiosity and imagination. The book offers a Glossary that defines what may be unfamiliar words and the questions in A Challenge to the Readers allows children to begin or continue the process of thinking through the higher intentions of this book.
In essence, In the Presence of a King is:

In the Presence of a King is an investment that keeps on giving. With all the life lessons, each time the book is read, children are encouraged to believe in themselves and to hold fast to their dreams of becoming their personal best. Children will take away a greater appreciation and awareness of history, a higher sense of self, as well as reasons and enthusiasm for a bright future to which they will make great contributions.   CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Meaningful Conversations: The Way to Comprehensive and Transformative School Improvement
by Angela Webster-Smith, Ph.D., Shelly Albritton, Ph.D., & Patty Kohler-Evans, Ed.D.

Imagine a school where gathering around the table to have meaningful conversations is commonplace and unencumbered by roles and positions. Such discourse is not only meaningful but significant, purposeful, valuable, filled with intention, and results oriented. There is a spirit of trust that affords an interchange of thoughts and ideas that promote dialogue and heart-to-heart communication.  Meaningful Conversations invites the reader to the table for a nine-course meal of how the people who earnestly desire high achievement for all students in all American schools can make it happen. Graciously addressing critical issues in contemporary schools, this book offers Conversation Pieces that describe Success Standards for schools and Conversation Points that specifically address the unique responsibilities of district leaders, school leaders, and teachers. The book goes as far as to provide features such as sections to Think About and Discuss, questions to Ask and Discuss, along with scripts as Conversation Starters. For educators that are ready for change in schools, Meaningful Conversations prepares a table before you to feast upon comprehensive and transformative school improvement.
Published by Rowman and Littlefield     CLICK HERE TO ORDER

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